Copper Infinity Ring, Unisex Ring


Copper Infinity Ring made using traditional metalsmith techniques.  Made using one length of 14ga copper wire, formed and soldered together. Width is 6-7mm and fits US ring size 9-1/2 to 10-1/2. Perfect ring for larger fingers or as a thumb ring. I oxidized the copper to give it a darker Patina. Very comfortable ring. If you have a question on your ring size, you can wrap a string around your ring finger and measure the length of the string. For a more accurate measurement I recommend you stop by your local jeweler and ask them to size the finger you will be wearing your ring on. This service is usually provided for no charge. Very rustic and cool simplicity. Handmade by me with love. 

Copper Information:

Copper oxidizes and darkens when it comes in contact with the air in the environment. It tends to get to a certain dark color but then it doesn’t get any darker.  Copper develops a patina, especially in the presence of heat, sunlight, sweat, swimming pools and chlorine water, chemicals and cosmetics. I like my copper to develop a Patina so I never take off my cuff. But you can lessen the process by removing copper jewelry before bathing, swimming, doing dishes, putting on lotion or makeup.  

The same sort of thing can happen when copper comes in contact with your skin if your skin is acidic. The acids in your skin combine with copper and make copper salts which are green. They are harmless and can simply be washed off.

If you have ever had a copper bracelet that started to turn green or even turn your skin green, the green color results from an individual’s body chemistry at a particular time. Two people can wear the same bracelet and one person’s wrist will turn green and the other’s will not. A person can wear a copper bracelet one day with no green marks and the next day green marks might appear.

The green color means that your skin has become more acidic and has dissolved copper from the bracelet faster than the body can absorb it. This usually happens when we sweat. 

Green marks might also appear when the body is deficient in copper so is trying to obtain it a rate faster than it can absorb.

Some makers of copper jewelry, put a coating (sealer) on the copper item to preserve it and prevent the copper from interacting with the wearer’s skin. But then, the purported health benefits of wearing copper would not be achieved.

Keep cooper in a cool, dry place. If possible, store in an anti-tarnish pouch, box or cloth. If you have none of these, use a tightly sealing plastic bag to keep air from contacting the copper items. Adding a strip of anti-tarnish paper can also slow down tarnish.

To maintain the shine, you can buff a copper piece with an anti-tarnish cloth.


Reported Health Benefits of Wearing Copper Jewelry:

Many people swear to the benefit levels of wearing copper jewelry.  Most people agree it isn't harmful so why not try it out. Proponents of the benefits of wearing copper say it does some or all of the following and more:

*Provide necessary copper by absorption through the skin.
*Relive arthritis, tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome pain etc. by acting as an anti-inflammatory 
*Clears the body of toxins
*Aid in healing